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Create The Ultimate Gazebo, Cabana, or Shed With These Great Tips

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Are you looking to spice the look and feel of your home? Or is lounging outside your backyard a dream for you this summer or any time of year? Is there a backyard pool area that you need a relaxing space for? Creating the ultimate gazebo, cabana, or shed is just what you need.

A gazebo is usually an octagonal or turret-shaped pavilion structure. It requires a fair amount of space and can be a temporary or permanent structure.

Whereas a cabana is generally made up of four pillars and shady-styled roof or open wood planks. The materials used are treated wood, raffia, palm, bamboo, and thatched materials. Modern materials may also be used to make cabana or outdoor gazebo.

Shed can offer a structure with all covered sides and doors. It can be made with wood, metal, or high-grade plastic. Wooden and plastic sheds can usually be moved from one site to another.

Creating the ultimate outdoor area of your dreams is achievable.

These are great tips to help you;

Decide on whether you want a gazebo, cabana, or a shed

While a gazebo, cabana, or shed may achieve similar goals, they are all different. Some may require an additional amount of space, material, and budget to create. Therefore, it is imperative to choose which outdoor setting will work for you.

Make decisions about the design of the structure you want - a European gazebo, or a wooden shed - based on the specific use of the structure. Location and amount of space for the structure should also be decided upon.

You’ll also need to decide if you want a professionally made structure, a DIY, or an already-made outdoor shed from the store and assemble it? These basic decisions will determine how you plan to create the ultimate structure.

Make sure you have a design plan in mind

A detailed plan is needed before starting the project. The plan should contain specifications and instructions, and materials needed. It is vital to get a permit from the local building permit office and check for underground wires and water pipes. Check for the fittingness of materials and location.

Understanding your budget and what you can achieve

An all-inclusive budget for your project is essential. A fixed price may be difficult to set, but the type of outdoor structure you want determines your budget. The cost of concrete reinforcement, construction landscaping, and electrical connection should also be considered.

Additional expenses for permits and survey should also be included. Extra amenities such as lounge chairs or a hot bathtub will shoot up the budget. Make a budget that covers everything you want in the design of your structure. If you’re making a custom structure, you’ll want to get a quote from professionals – as every space is different and there is no one-size-fits all option with custom built gazebos, sheds, or cabanas.

What type of design you like and what will work in your outdoor space?

The design of the structure is based on preference -integrity and aesthetics of the structure form the design. A complex structure (e.g., a European-style gazebo) will require the services of a professional and its important you get this right from outset to ensure it lasts for years to come.

Your landscape designer can discuss options with you including; selecting the right materials to be used for your new gazebo, cabana or shed as well as the design and its positioning in your outdoor space.

Your landscaper will also discuss things like finishing touches, colour scheme, styling, furniture and decoration. They can also look at electrical fixtures such as installing lighting for night-time use. So much to think about but the possibilities are endless when you hire a professional landscaper to help you build your outdoor gazebo.

Get in contact with Absolute Landscape in Sydney for a discussion and on-site inspection to build your outdoor oasis. They do everything from pools and spas to gazebos and gardens, outdoor kitchens and stunning landscapes the whole family can enjoy.


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