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Trending Gardens and How to Create Your Very Own Outdoor Oasis at Home

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

There are so many trending gardens that you probably are not even aware of! From everyday garden lovers creating their own garden look to a planned garden design that compliments the home and outdoor living space. Today, we’ll look at some of the top trending garden styles and how you can achieve the ultimate garden design matched with your home and outdoor space.

Trending Gardens and Outdoor Space Settings

Home office space with garden outlook

Garden offices create the ultimate space to work, think and do. Creating the home office area, incorporating vertical gardens and plantations can really help improve creativity and keep you calm and focused on the work you need to do.

Outdoor kitchens with herb and vegetable gardens

There's a saying that cooking is fun when you are relaxed and have everything you need. And it feels so comfortable cooking right next your garden-fresh herbs and scenery. More and more people are welcoming the idea of cooking outdoors, by the garden! From outdoor BBQs to lunch gatherings and dinner parties, create the ultimate outdoor garden space by incorporating an outdoor kitchen and fresh herbs and veggies you can pick and cook as you need.

Superfood gardens with homemade natural remedies

More people are welcoming the idea of having fresh herbs and super food plants growing organically in their garden. This is a trend that has become popular with more and more people turning to natural remedies for their health boost.

The Outdoor Living Room

This garden trend is fast becoming popular! Embrace the great Australian outdoors with your very own outdoor everyday living room. Most new homes are now being built with luxury garden pieces and outdoor furnishings. Create the ultimate outdoor, breezy, and fresh-air space with an outdoor living room by the garden and pool.

Here are some top tips to creating your very own outdoor space and garden design

The first step in creating an outdoor garden is to assess the space and know what to plant. As you know, there are plenty of plants to choose from and having an idea of how your garden should look is important. Equally as important is selecting the right plants for the right climate and position – as an example, you wouldn’t want to have plants that need shade in direct sunlight… right?

If you are thinking of a vegetable or herb gardens, selecting a space that offers ample sunlight is ideal and handpicking veggies and herbs from your home garden can save you money and give you the freshness your body deserves.

Test your soil and improve where necessary

It is always important to have your soil tested to know where the deficiency lies. Ensuring your soil is suitable for growing plants, herbs and vegetables is key to having a flourishing endless supply of the foods you love and flowers you adore.

Creating an outdoor garden isn't a tedious task, it should be considered as fun, therapeutic and a great way to spend time outdoors.


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