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What You Should Know Before You Build a Pool and Spa at Your Home

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Pool and Swim spa are a beautiful aesthetic addition to your home and outdoor space. Creating a beauty that illuminates your home and outdoor living space day, or night. Beauty is not the only benefit of a home pool; it can help you achieve tranquillity, relaxation, and healthy fitness goals. If a pool and spa is properly constructed and decorated, it can be the perfect outdoor setting for you, your family, and your friends.

What do you need to know the following before building a pool or spa? Contact the team at Absolute Landscaping in Sydney to find out more.

Choosing the right type of Pool and Spa for your space.

There are many options when it comes to the type of pool and spa you want to achieve in your outdoor setting. There are options including in-ground pools if you want a permanent effect or an above-ground pool, above ground pool amongst other options. Plus, you’ll need to consider the size and shape of your pool and spa, and this always depends on a few factors such as your budget, the space you have available, and the materials used to create your outdoor oasis.

Concrete pools and spas are a popular choice and durable; a concrete pool can have a beautiful appearance and gives you a limitless option for customization. The downside is that it requires more maintenance, longer installation, and relatively is more expensive. If you have a the right budget and patience, it is a wise consideration, especially for its limitless pool finish options.

For a more cost-effective approach, a faster installation and lower maintenance, there are vinyl and fiberglass pools available in the market. Vinyl pools are high quality with liners that are less prone to algae growth and a life span of six to ten years, and it has no customization limitation. Fiberglass pools are well known for their unique beauty and built-in seat and steps, but they have limited customization and usually purchased ready to insert into your nominated space.

Where is the best place to install or construct a pool and spa at your home?

Your pool can be indoor or outdoor, depending on your preference and budget. Your intended pool site will determine the size and design of your pool as mentioned.

Deciding on a site can be challenging, and it should be in line with the state requirements and the architectural design of your house.

Things you can always consider are items such as your view; for an outdoor pool, it should be positioned in an easy sightline from within your house or garden (looking at a water body can be therapeutic to the mind as well). If you want privacy and cosiness, indoor pools are the best option or a tucked-away space in the backyard leaving room for grass areas for play and gardening.

Climate and accessibility are two necessary criteria for building a pool. Indoor pool rooms can be designed with control for light exposure and temperature which could be a great way to gain access to your pool all year round.

Outdoor pools are trickier; opt for locations that can maximize sun exposure to keep the water warm and perhaps landscaped with trees to create those shady spaces and edges.

Proper landscaping design around your pool will help create a stunning pool and spa with privacy and shade in the right places. Accessibility involves considering how people will enter and exit the pool and planning your sunbathing space, outdoor setting, and sunbeds.

Aesthetics to create the perfect pool and spa in your space

Never assume that size affects the beauty of a pool; whether you have a yard or a small room for your pool, the beauty comes from creativity, landscaping, and aesthetics – from the shape to the design and colour choice. The pool colour should be distinct yet blend with the pool environment. The use of light blue is complementary when the pool is adjacent to the house, and the use of beautiful green is complementary to a garden pool.

LED lighting is a unique pool trend that helps with its beauty. Some packages come with customized colours changing lights that radiate around the pool with reflective properties that shield your face. These lights are fantastic for night swimming and relaxation. Your choice of light can also help with sedation. You can choose soft glow colours that will keep your mind peaceful and trigger sleep.

Water features are beautiful to view, and they engage the senses. They have a soothing effect on the body, thereby improving relaxation. They can range from fountains to water walls, rain curtains, scupper (water flows in a chute, through and sheet style), bubbles and mists.

Hydrotherapy and Jet Spa for the ultimate home pool and spa experience

Hydrotherapy jet is a must-have feature of a spa pool that helps creates currents (plunging or arching water effect) for massage or resistance (for exercise). One thing most people want to benefit from a spa is heat. Installing a heated pool and spa will give you just that and can be beneficial to allow use of the pool and spa all year long.

Thinking of installing a pool and spa at your home?

Contact Absolute Landscaping for an obligation-free consultation and site inspection to find out what can be achieved and to get a understanding of everything you’ll need to consider before installing a pool and spa.


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